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Scratch Foundation selects us in the SEC program

Sistema THEAD has been selected to participate in the two-year international SEC program, in which, together with 40 organizations from around the world, we will work together to make Scratch and creative programming more equitable

After a selection process and several interviews, our proposal to create an unplugged and tangible Scratch (Scratch Jr Tactile) made us a chosen organization to participate in this ported program carried out by the Scratch Foundation born at MIT Media Lab of the University of Massachusetts. For 2 years, we will receive close support, training and create connections with other entities from the United States and other countries, and from other educational organizations or institutions with the aim of creating alliances for equity throughout the world.

The Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC) program is an initiative that supports and engages participating organizations in a collaborative cohort experience to strengthen commitment to equitable creative programming. We are part of Cohort 1 (2021-23).

We have received training from reference organizations in the educational sector, STEM, innovation and new pedagogies of the moment. We have received training and held discussion groups with organizations such as:

Scratch Foundation, BBC Micro:bit Foundation, The Tinkering Studio (California), Standford D.School, Shawna Young (Director of Scratch) and Mitch Resnick (Founder of Scratch), the Scratch Jr team and specialists in diverse, equitable and creative learning, among others.

In addition, we have shared with other organizations that promote equity and inclusion in STEM, as well as entities that adapt materials for students with various disabilities.

We were able to participate in the July 2022 Scratch Conference, together with the group from the University of Girona UdiGitalEdu. And we have also made different presentations of the new resource we are creating Scratch Jr Tactile to various organizations and the Scratch and ScratchJr team, which has already piqued the interest of several educators and designers of learning activities.

All in all, it's been an exciting journey, and we can't help but be grateful and satisfied with all the learning, connections and resources we're creating with such good company.



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