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New alliances with DFC and Natives

If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, walk together. Probervi African.

With this brief but powerful quote, which reminds us that "together we are better". From Sistema THEAD we want to share with you that we are starting new collaborations with two entities that work for a change in the world with social justice, inclusion and sustainability. Just as we ask our students to cooperate, we also want and must collaborate, to go further, to change the planet.

DFC - Design For Change, is a learning methodology based on the mantra "I can". "I can change the world", born in India and inspired by Design Thinking, this methodology is adapted to schools and education so that going through school is truly transformative and empowers students to carry out actions and projects that transform your reality, or that of others. This week we have opened a door to collaborate together by contributing educational technology to social transformation and actions with impact in the classrooms.

Natives is a network of schools for sustainability, with the vision of inclusive education, with which we share so many common values. Soon we will share teaching materials on technology with social impact created by Sistema THEAD on its platform

As you probably already know, if you take any of our training in Sistema THEAD you will always receive teaching materials that you can use in the classrooms. They are accessible and will save you hours and hours of preparing materials, presentations and exercises. We make them with a lot of "LOVE" and we deliver them to you so that your students can practice and learn with activities always with a sustainable, social and environmental focus, in line with one or more SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.



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