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Transforming Education for a Sustainable Future with

At Sistema THEAD, we are dedicated to the educational revolution, combining STEAM innovation, inclusion, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to pave the way for a more equitable and sustainable future. EducaForChange is the beginning of a platform of accessible educational resources: we've created a space where education becomes a powerful engine of change.

Digital Inclusion for All: The Purpose of Sistema THEAD

Behind EducaForChange stands Sistema THEAD, a social cooperative with a clear mission: to bridge the digital gap in vulnerable groups. We believe that equal access to education is the foundation of social transformation, and we work tirelessly to make this access a reality for all.

Exploring Educational Resources

Our platform hosts a diverse range of educational resources, all designed to foster meaningful learning and inclusive participation. Here, each resource is an opportunity to inspire and empower educators and students alike.

Books on SDGs in Scratch Classroom: Immerse yourself in a world of creative possibilities while exploring how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into the classroom using Scratch. From practical projects to innovative ideas, these books are the perfect guide to inspire the next generation of change agents.

SDGs in the Classroom with Lego WeDo: Discover the magic of construction and programming with Lego WeDo while addressing the challenges of the SDGs. This resource combines the fun of construction with the importance of understanding and addressing global problems.

SDGs in the Classroom with Micro:bit: Add a touch of technology and creativity to SDG teaching with exciting projects using Micro:bit. From coding to solving real-world problems, these resources inspire critical thinking and innovation.

Scratch Jr Tactile Resources: Accessibility is key, and our Scratch Jr Tactile resources are designed with everyone in mind. Explore projects that promote tactile participation, allowing students with various skills to participate fully in the world of programming.

3D Printing and Design: Introduce students to the exciting world of 3D printing and design. From conceptualization to physical creation, these resources foster creativity and an understanding of how technology can change the world.

Accessibility in the Classroom: Educa for Change is committed to creating an inclusive educational environment. Discover resources that offer practical solutions to make the classroom accessible to all, regardless of individual capacities.

Join the Educational Revolution with EducaForChange!

We invite you to explore our educational world, where inclusion, innovation, and SDGs intertwine to form the basis of transformative education. At EducaForChange, we are building a path towards a more sustainable future, and we want you to be part of this exciting journey.

Discover, learn, and change the world with us!



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