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Friday, February 5, 2021

7PM (Spain time) -  2PM (Venezuela time)


Inclusion, Digital Literacy and Reducing Inequalities

There are currently significant gaps between the ideal of education for all and the reality that is lived in different parts of the world and in various groups and communities.

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The Covid-19 has aggravated this situation and every day more and more people consider that Inclusive Education is the way forward.


Current questions and debates in the search for the ideal of an INCLUSIVE education for ALL, focus on How to make it a reality in practice? What changes are required and how should they be made?


This webinar aims to put these issues on the table, and listen to the inspiring and experienced voice of people who with enthusiasm, humility and tenacity have contributed enormously in the task of achieving an INCLUSIVE AND QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD


César Bona

Teacher and writer. Degree in English Philology and Diploma in Foreign Language Teaching from the University of Zaragoza

  After his 16-year career, he was nominated as one of the 50 best teachers in the world according to the Global Teacher Prize (2014).

"School doors need to be open, not just for boys and girls to come in but for their ideas to come out and transform the world."

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Christian Brackman

He has designed Brazil’s educational curriculum in unplugged computational thinking, to foster the digital literacy of low-income children.

Professor at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology Farroupilha (IFFAR), PhD in Computer Science in Education at UFRGS.

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Roger Olivella

Co-founder of THEAD System, Teacher Training and Development. Ambassador for TechSDG of the SDGs.


Telecommunications Engineer. Professor of the Master in Teacher Training (URL-La Salle). Member of EduEnginy, a project that promotes social STEAM education through robotics and promotes Maker-FabLab spaces .

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José Scodiero

Representative of the Microbit Foundation in Latin America, works to promote inclusion, reduce the digital divide and make children around the world creative with technology

Electronic Engineer specializing in hardware and Microelectronics and MBA from the FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado).

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Neus Lorenzo PhD

Inspector of education in Barcelona and professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), and currently co-chairs the research group on Educational Transformation and Information 4.0 of the WFATE (World Federation of Associations of Teacher Educators) and is on the Board of the Catalan Society of Pedagogy of the Institute of Catalan Studies.

Co-founder of the Transformation Society, an entity specializing in training, communication and analysis of complex realities. She has worked as a training advisor to the Council of Europe as an advisor to the Anna Lindh Foundation in Amman (Jordan) and Alexandria (Egypt).

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Cristina García

She applies the technology to the classroom to promote creativity and inclusion, being in 2019 named “Apple Distinguished Educator”.


Primary school teacher and specialist in Therapeutic Pedagogy and Hearing and Language. He works at the School Psychopedagogical Service of the Generalitat Valenciana.


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Juan José Montiel

Develop free software to help in the daily lives of people with disabilities, as is the case.

"Technology has been a revolution for all of us, but especially for people with some kind of disability. Thanks to it, this world has far fewer barriers today. Helping to bring it down is one of my biggest challenges and one of the my greatest satisfactions, because knowing that what you do will help others is the best of it all. "

It is part of the Microsoft MVP (Visual Studio & development technologies) program.

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María Alejandra Malaver

President of People & City UN Global Ambassador for the Teaching of the SDGs teach SDGs Advocate for Local Action Facilitating the SDGs.


Systems Engineer, Professor at UCAB, Coordinator in Anzoátegui of the Citizen Articulation Platform "Creiem Aliança Ciutadana"

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Ester Romero

Director of the Digital Manufacturing Athenaeum of the Parliament of Barcelona,​​ a public space open to all where inclusion is the common thread.


Collaborates with different projects, groups and people to create materials and tools that promote the inclusion of people with specific needs

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Jepi Humet

Co-founder of Tactilens, a company that creates inclusive tools and materials that aims to develop the autonomy of blind people.


Engineer, musician, maker, entrepreneur. He is passionate about everything he does but above all contribute to making the world a better place

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Pol Oñate

Co-founder of Tactilens, a company that creates inclusive tools and materials that aims to develop the autonomy of blind people.

Creator and communicator, dedicated to the art world He constantly works to convey a message of social innovation where inclusion plays a key role.


A hard tackle from Nuria Sánchez to Manero

Teacher of Primary Education and Special Education. Hearing and Language Specialist. Master in Neuroscience applied to education.


Deafblindness specialist (deafblindness classroom tutor for eleven years) Dedicated to the education of the hearing impaired for 28 years.


February 5, 2021

Start: 7PM Spain Time / 2PM Venezuela Time


  • Welcome and opening by Roger Olivella to kick off the event.


  • Paper by Christian Brackmann PhD


  • Paper Neus Lorenzo


  • Paper by José Scodiero


  • Gratitude and closing of the event


Special guest: ​

  • Intervention by César Bona

  • Question and answer session


  • Paper by Juanjo Montiel


  • Presentation by Cristina García


  • Questions and answers from the interventions

  • Start of the Round Table with the presence of:

  • NGO People and City

  • Tactilens

  • Ateneu de Fabricació Digital Les Corts

The organization reserves the right to make changes to the program without notice due to force majeure.

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