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Would you like to collaborate with us?

We are looking for people who want to create a positive impact on society through different educational initiatives:

  • People with social and solidarity values, sustainable, inclusive methodologies, in favor of open philosophies such as free software and with a desire to reach the most disadvantaged struggling to eliminate the various current gaps (digital, gender, cultural-ethnic, social , functional diversities, etc.).

  • Experience and / or motivation in training teachers in any of these areas: educational technology, robotics, programming, maker, 3D design, AR / VR, social STEAM, etc.

  • Experience and / or motivation in training and accompanying teachers in technological tools for learning to improve access to information and knowledge, digital literacy and good practices in the use of digital resources .

  • Related academic experience and professional experience in applying these tools to classrooms in formal, non-formal education, NGOs, associations, cooperatives, social and solidarity economy, related volunteering, etc. will be valued.

In addition, we will also value collaborations or contributions that fit the organization's mission in other areas such as: graphic design, creation of inclusive or accessible educational materials, web technologies, positioning, social networks, translation of materials, strategic alliances for to pursue common goals, promotion of the SDGs in education, etc.

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Dedication: whether you have a lot of time or little, let's talk about it. The best thing is that we get to know each other and see what you can start collaborating with and see how to continue to increase or grow the collaboration. We will surely end up finding the right fit, from one-off collaborations or formations to long-term alliances.

In the case of entities , we are also open to creating joint projects and alliances, which fit in with our shared values and mission. Write to us.

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