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Teaching units for nonviolence

This week we have been working on digitizing a book that we love and that should be in all schools. The story THE PLANET OF FIRE. It is a metaphor for both adults and children about the need to prevent violence and work to build Peace.

This story, written by Martí Olivella (, is a reading tool in Catalan and Spanish suitable for reflecting on the importance of Peace and nonviolence. The inhabitants of the Fire Planet are fascinated by fire, so they end up burning everything. Little by little, the Centrolina, the Pyrenees, and the rest of the protagonists of this story full of magic will learn the secret to prevent fire on their planet.

Soon we will also work on the creation of multidisciplinary reading, reflection and digital creation activities, as well as tactile, usingScratch Jr Tactile in the classroom, using com based on work the chapters of this story. This proposal will unite the development of computational thinking with interpersonal competence and coexistence, framed in the new vectors of the current Catalan curriculum.

Often, metaphors are that fine rain that falls inside us. What better than a story with a message to encourage both primary and secondary schools probably the most importantSustainable Development Goal, 16: "Peace, justice and strong institutions." ;

Click below to access the accessible digital reading of the story The Planet of Fire:



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