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Scratch Jr Tactile... coming soon!

As you probably already know, in recent months we have been working hard to realize an open-minded project to make creative programming more accessible, more social, more tangible and more universal than ever.

This project is called Scratch Jr Tactile Barcelona, and we have been creating it with the collaboration of both the Scratch Foundation (MIT, USA), ONCE Barcelona, B1B2B3 of Catalonia, Ateneus de Fabricació Digital de Barcelona, the Institute of Culture of Barcelona City Council (ICUB) and many other entities and people who have contributed and which you can find on this page.

We are working on creating teaching materials, a web platform and polishing the designs that we will share under a Creative Commons open license for all educators in the world. We don't want anyone to be left behind in learning creative programming. For this reason, this resource has been forged within the SEC program of the Scratch Foundation as during various tests with students with different abilities and disabilities and the indispensable help of many committed and creative educators who have provided their ideas and experience in making Scratch Jr Tactile a universal, inclusive and creative learning experience.

Scratch Jr Tactile will encourage the learning of computational thinking with an inclusive, creative, gender approach and with activities that will promote the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030).

We are already looking forward to presenting you this new educational resource, which we will present next November 26 at the Ateneu de Fabricació Digital Les Corts in Barcelona.

In order to come to this presentation, an invitation or registration is required. If you wish, contact us through the contact form.



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